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As a member of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA), I commit myself to Christian, ethical, and lawful conduct, including the proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as a church professional. I will use this Code of Ethics as a guide in performing my duties with trustworthiness and integrity, as a Christian, as a colleague, and as a leader in the congregation where I serve.

As a leader in church administration, I will not attempt to exercise individual authority over the church community except as explicitly set forth in its governing policies.

I will:

  • Be committed to the mission of the Church;
  • Strongly advocate that business practices are consistent with the authority of Scripture and civil law where there is no conflict;
  • Be responsive to my church's or religious institution's authorities, advocating ethical business practices as my standard;
  • Perform all duties as outlined in my job description, fulfilling my fiduciary responsibility to the members of the church;
  • Be knowledgeable of the documents governing the operations of the church;
  • Respect the processes of the church's governing body by not undermining the decisions of that body;
  • Remain current with changes or advancements in the areas of financial accountability, and human resource management;
  • Openly and candidly share individual concerns, information, and knowledge with professional peers and church leadership;
  • Bring to the pastor's immediate attention, or to that of the governing board, any condition or action that I believe exceeds a current operating policy or is in non-compliance with any governing document;
  • Respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature;
  • Exercise honesty in all written and interpersonal interaction;
  • Show professionalism to all those with whom I make contact on behalf of the church;
  • Make every reasonable effort to protect the integrity and promote the positive image of the church and its members;
  • Encourage and value involvement by members of the church community;
  • Respond in a spiritual manner consistent with my faith when confronted with conflict.

I pledge to:

  • Participate with professional colleagues in organized efforts to share new knowledge and development in professional practices;
  • Be an advocate for the NACBA and to advance the values and benefits of membership to the ministry leaders whom I support and others with whom I come into contact;
  • Strive to be a life-long learner, seeking to attain the highest degree of competency in my field of work.

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Article 1 - NAME

1.1 - The organization will be known as the Alamo Chapter of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA®). For the purpose of this Constitution and Bylaws the term “Chapter” refers to the Alamo Chapter.

Article 2 - MISSION

2.1 - The mission of this chapter is to promote the highest level of professional competence to individuals serving Christ through church administration by providing programs of study, service, fellowship, exchange of information and problem-solving discussions, leading to more effective and efficient utilization of church facilities and resources.

Article 3 - MEMBERSHIP

3.1 - Active Membership (Voting) will be granted to all persons who, upon application, are found to qualify for Active or Associate membership in NACBA. Active members must be professing and practicing members of the Christian faith and subscribe to the NACBA Code of Ethics. Active members are required to maintain their NACBA Chapter membership.

3.2 - Business Membership (Non-voting) will be granted with approval of a majority of Chapter Active Members to individuals or individuals who represent organizations wishing to join NACBA for commercial purposes and who desire to join in the support of NACBA, its purposes, and its programs. This category includes those individuals or individuals representing organizations that provide consulting services to churches. Business members are ineligible to hold office or vote, but they will be listed on the Chapter Roster and share in all other services and responsibilities of membership.

3.3 - Affiliate Membership (Non-voting) is for individuals who do not meet the definitions for Active or Business membership. Affiliate members are ineligible to hold office or vote, but they will be listed on the Chapter Roster and share in all other services and responsibilities of membership.

3.4 - Emeritus and Honorary Members (Voting) conferred by NACBA or the Chapter Executive Committee will receive full recognition and due privileges should they desire to become members of the Alamo Chapter.

3.5 - Dues. To maintain membership in the Chapter, all members will pay annual dues to the Treasurer before the first day of January each year. The amount of the annual dues will be recommended during the October meeting by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority of the voting members in attendance at the October meeting.

Article 4 - OFFICERS

4.1 - The officers of the Chapter will be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Chapter officers are encouraged to maintain their NACBA membership. The manner of election and the primary duties of the officers will be as follows:

4.2 - Election of Officers: During the regular March meeting, the President will appoint a Nominating Committee composed of at least three past or present officers to prepare a slate of candidates for office. The slate will be provided to all voting members at least one week prior to the May meeting.

4.2.1 - Members may make nominations of candidates for addition to the slate from the floor during the May meeting.

4.2.2 - Present officers may stand for reelection.

4.2.3 - Officers will be elected for a period of one year, starting with their installation at the June meeting and serving until the installation of new officers.

4.2.4 - The election will be held at the May meeting. If there is more than one candidate for an office, election for that office will be made by secret ballot and a majority will be necessary to elect.

4.3 - Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President due to health, resignation, or other cause, the Vice President will immediately assume the office. In the event of a vacancy in any other officer’s position, the President will appoint a voting member in good standing to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. Such appointments must be confirmed by the members of the Chapter at the next regular meeting.

4.4 - Precedence: The order of precedence of officers is as follows: (1) President, (2) Vice President, (3) Secretary, (4) Treasurer. No officer will automatically move to the next higher office, except as provided in Article 4.3; however precedence is stated for unforeseen circumstances or catastrophe.

4.5 - Duties of Officers: Immediately following the June meeting, each outgoing officer will present to his/her successor all papers, records and reports associated with that office.

4.5.1 - The President is expected to preside at all general and executive committee meetings, direct the general work of the Chapter, and to be an ex officio member of all committees. The President is responsible for filing the annual chapter achievement report with the national office and attending the Chapter Presidents’ meeting during the annual NACBA national conference. He or she may appoint an alternate representative to said Chapter Presidents’ meeting.

4.5.2 - The Vice President is expected to preside in the absence of the President and to serve as Program Chairman. The Vice President distributes to the membership a printed schedule of the meeting places and programs as developed.

4.5.3 - The Secretary is expected to record and distribute the minutes of each meeting, to prepare or have prepared a current Chapter Roster, send out notification of all chapter meetings, and carry on all necessary Chapter correspondence. The Secretary works with the monthly Chapter meeting host/hostess, providing attendance estimates and special set-up information as needed. The Secretary transfers all minutes, rolls and records to the incoming Secretary so that a permanent record of the Chapter history can be maintained.

4.5.4 - The Treasurer handles and presents a summary financial report at each regular meeting. The Treasurer collects annual dues, reminds members who have not paid their annual dues prior to the January meeting, and, following the January meeting, provides a list of current membership to the Secretary and President. The Treasurer deposits all Chapter funds in accounts approved by the Executive Committee and maintains current signature cards including at least one additional Executive Officer’s signature. The Treasurer prepares all financial records for presentation to his/her successor.

4.5.5 - Chaplain: At the option of the President, a Chaplain may be appointed to be in charge of opening and closing exercises and to advise the Chapter of any calamities affecting members. (The Chaplain should give prior notice to those members who will be requested to pray in public.)

Article 5 - COMMITTEES

5.1 - There will be the following standing committees with members appointed by the President, and as many other committees as will from time to time seem necessary to the President and approved by the Executive Committee:

5.1.1 - Executive Committee, composed of Chapter officers and chaired by the President. It is responsible for the organization, operation, and direction of the Chapter. It shall conduct all routine affairs of the Chapter; subject to such limitations as may be imposed by the Constitution and Bylaws, or by the general members as recorded in the Chapter minutes. The Executive Committee has the following authority and responsibility: - Meet at the call of the President to consider the business of the Chapter. - Authorize the President to enter into agreements and contracts necessary to carry out the routine and recurring business of the Chapter.

5.1.2 - Program Committee chaired by the Vice President. It is responsible to: - Develop a yearly program calendar. This program calendar includes the dates, times, locations, and resource speakers for the regular Chapter meetings. - Encourage at least one all day workshop in the yearly program calendar for continuing education. - Promote attendance at the annual NACBA conference.

5.1.3 - Membership Committee, chaired by a past President. This committee develops ways to increase membership, seeks ways to increase attendance at monthly meetings, and fosters fellowship among denominational headquarters.


6.1 - The Chapter holds monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, except as indicated below, or as published in the program calendar. The location of the meetings is rotated on a voluntary basis among the churches represented by the membership.

6.1.1 - A chapter meeting may be canceled or rescheduled by majority vote of the members present or in an emergency situation by the Executive Committee.

6.1.2 - Special meetings of the Chapter or committees may be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6.2 - The order of business generally follows the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. Following the call to order by the President, each meeting should start with a prayer for God’s guidance.

6.3 - A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting consists of 15% of the voting membership.

6.4 - All elections and questions are decided by a majority of the vote represented at any meeting at which there is a quorum, except in such cases as is otherwise required by statute or this Constitution and Bylaws.

Article 7 - AMENDMENTS

7.1 - The Constitution and Bylaws of the Chapter may be amended at any regularly scheduled monthly meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the voting membership present or by sending a written absentee vote, provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been circulated to the full membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken.


8.1 - This chapter is organized exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).

8.2 - No part of the net earnings of the chapter will inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the chapter is authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensations for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in these articles.

8.3 - There will be no personal liability of members for the obligations of the Chapter.

8.4 - This Chapter will have no capital stock.

8.5 - In the event of liquidation or distribution of all or any part of the assets of the Chapter in case of dissolution or otherwise, such assets will be distributed to the National Association of Church Business Administration, which is exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


This Constitution and Bylaws of the Alamo Chapter of the National Association of Church Business Administration shall become effective upon adoption by an affirmative vote of the two-thirds majority of the voting members at which a quorum is present.

The foregoing Constitution and Bylaws are adopted by the membership of the Chapter on the 21st day of May, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas.

This Constitution and Bylaws shall supersede all previous constitutions of the Chapter.

President: Jodie Sell
Vice President: Bruce Hammond
Secretary: David Thomas
Treasurer: Debbie Vignes

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